Remote Multideck Chiller

Remote Multideck Chiller
Best Remote fridge chillers Muiltideck (motor outside) fridge for dairy cabinet, beer chiller, and chilled convenience food display are the ideal way to merchandise any type of convenience foods from soft drinks, sandwiches, and chilled snacks to cheeses, cooked meats dairies, and even wine and beer. Our Remote Chiller available in five lengths (375 12ft 4m)(305 10ft 3m)(250 8ft 2.5m)(180 6ft 1.8m)(125 4ft 1.25) it can be multiplexed remote chiller means condenser unit out (composer motor out the fridge)

With the capability of holding air sensitive materials in optimum conditions with high efficiency at low cost, remote chillers offer an ideal solution for restaurants and catering businesses. The cabinet will be connected to the condensing unit via copper pipes that transfer the hot and cold air, moving the heat and sound away from the shop floor.

The noise and heat of the refrigerated unit will be made outside, away from your customers and the additional space within the cabinet can be taken up with products and not the refrigeration equipment.

The remote refrigeration unit is easy to install and extremely efficient, enabling you to control the quality of your products. Generally, refrigeration systems that use externally sourced condensing units are more reliable, as they are not consistently rejected the heat that it has already rejected. Note all dairy cases in this section require a remote refrigeration system - the refrigeration system is not included in the prices displayed, usually installed by your own engineers - call for assistance or prices

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