Wall Shelf Slim (6ft - 1.8m) Base 300mm (1ft 5inc) Top Shelves 300mm (1ft 2inc)

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This starting wall bay. Wall shelf 2.4m 2400mm 7Ft height and width shelf, You can change also from 500m to 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm(3ft shelf), 1250mm (4ft 5 inc)

This bay includes;

  • 1x1800mm(6ft 1.8m) Upright Post
  • 1 x Base Shelf 300mm(1ft, 12inch)
  • 1 x Base Leg 300mm (1ft, 12 inch)
  • 4 x Top Shelf 300mm (1ft, 12 inch)
  • 8 x Shelf Bracket to suit for shelves
  • 5 x Ticket Strips

Note: End Leg is not in price easy unit comes with one post and base leg

Each 1.8m wall shelving unit can be configured to suit your requirements. The 300mm base shelf is around 4 baked beans cans deep and with 4 x 300mm shelves above it fitting around 3 baked bean cans deep, you will have plenty of room for stock. All of our wall shelving bays can be connected together to create a seamless look and allow you to fit out your store in the most efficient way possible.
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